McNaughton Hall

McNaughton Hall opened its doors to its first Sunday School class on May 26, 2019!

BMH.Ginnie McNaughton

God certainly works in mysterious and wonderful ways.

Four years ago, former Miamian Flint McNaughton called to say that he and his siblings, Dean and Margaret, wanted to make a memorial gift to Plymouth that would “honor God and make our mother smile.”

On March 3, Plymouth dedicated McNaughton Hall in memory of their mom, Ginnie McNaughton, to serve as a home for Plymouth’s ministry to children and youth, and a place for new generations of children to discover faith and joy as they learn about God.

Ginnie McNaughton, a third generation Miamian, served as Plymouth’s first Director of Christian Education in the 1950s. She had a Master’s degree from Union Theological Seminary and also had a respected and successful career in real estate. She was a wise friend who guided others with her humor, candor, enthusiasm and gentleness. Ginnie’s faith was a source of strength and joy. What better way to honor this beloved educator than to create a beautiful, functional, and flexible space where the next generation can walk through the doors and feel God’s joyful welcome?

The McNaughtons’ generous gift has allowed Plymouth to create an ideal space for our children and youth – for worship, Sunday school, movie nights, larger group activities and small craft projects. And the Martha Clinton Plymouth Preschool will use McNaughton Hall during the school week. It offers the flexibility to divide its large space for smaller groups. It is a space with ocean blue floors and bright, light-filled rooms. And it is a space with doors that open out onto a large patio to make the most of the beauty of the campus that Ginnie loved.